Nopi @London – Day 2

Crushed beetroot, labneh,
grains of paradise

I started my day having breakfast in the sun. Then I went to Regent Park where I just chilled in the grass. Tough life… :0p

Bought lunch, did a little siesta in my apartment and headed to Nopi, wondering what my second shift would bring. Can you tell I’m more relaxed? :0)


Nopi @ London – Day 1

I can make Hugh smile :0)

Today I’m starting my internship in Nopi. I’ll be doing the evening shifts, starting at 16h. So this means I have plenty of time to explore London. 


Going to London baby

St Pancras Train station

Monday April 15.. I’ve been counting down the days.. Today is the day.. I’m going to London baby! 



I have these sleepless nights.
When I have to bake, these are a blessing, but when I am supposed to sleep they are less amusing. Then I start thinking. About anything.
A few weeks ago, during one of those nights,I had a yolo-moment… Hey, maybe I could do an internship in one of Ottolenghi’s restaurants! I wrote a mail, waited just one more day to send it (read and re-read it a few hundred times) and then finally pressed the send-button. After a week I got an answer.


Ottolenghi – How it all began

It’s only quite recently I got to know Ottolenghi’s cuisine. A few years ago a friend told me he had this amazing cookbook ‘Nopi’. Since I love cooking I just had to get my hands on this book. A few weeks later it was my birthday.. The perfect gift. I got it from my brother.