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I have these sleepless nights.
When I have to bake, these are a blessing, but when I am supposed to sleep they are less amusing. Then I start thinking. About anything.
A few weeks ago, during one of those nights,I had a yolo-moment… Hey, maybe I could do an internship in one of Ottolenghi’s restaurants! I wrote a mail, waited just one more day to send it (read and re-read it a few hundred times) and then finally pressed the send-button. After a week I got an answer.

They were interested (Oh my.. They were???) and would try to get me a work experience at Nopi (Nopi!!). “Is that something you would be interested in?”. Of course!! So I confirmed. They asked some more details, about timing etc… And about another week later everything was arranged. I booked my train ticket, found a place to stay near Nopi (I was very lucky to find a place so close and not too expensive). Ready for my two week internship in Nopi.
Or how – for once – a sleepless night turned out to be a blessing :0)